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BB™ and Popular Science

Rick on site

In the area of popular science, BB™ has integrated new technologies into the very fabric of the archćological "dig." A recent film project, Unwrapping Urkesh —produced entirely on non-traditional media —has had its European broadcast premiere and was most recently featured at AGON, Athens' Film Festival for Mediterranean Archćology. The film uses archaeological field reports, elevations, plans and renderings, slides, photographs, video and computer animation to create a new kind of archćological experience—participation in the recovery of a major monument in human history, the Palace of the Royal Rulers of Urkesh at Tell Mozan in modern-day Northern Syria.

Rick Hauser, a member of the Senior Staff (& principal in Beyond Broadcast™) and graphic artist Claudia Wettstein explain the beginnings of a typology of the terracotta animal figurines in this clip from the movie produced about the site for Radio-Televisione Svizzera --